Yesod Journey

Gently close your eyes and take three deep breaths, as you exhale you become more and more centered, more and more conscious of your expanded awareness.


As you stand on the shore, staring out at the waves… feeling the rhythmic ebb and flow of the water… You find you are in awe of a force greater than yourself. Imagined looking out over the expanse of your Life, its ups and downs,…seeing as far as you can but knowing there is a point where your vision fails and you must trust what was beyond.


You can feel all of Nature conspiring to draw you toward that point. She is eager and excited to see you get there. She tugs and pulls at the sand beneath your feet,… making the place where you stand uncomfortable. Tipping you forward toward the unknown.


You look up into the face of the Full Moon and there you see your own reflection. And in this place, many images rush toward you. Flashing from one to the next, some are pleasing, others frightening, most are confusing. There may be scenes from childhood, or beyond that past lives… Ancestral memory…stretching and reaching back,…back,…back,… to the birthplace of Human Consciousness. You sense that there are portions of this vision that tell your story but it is difficult to distinguish between yourself and Ourself.  


There have been many paths you have walked and consequences you have taken on that were not your own. In this new awareness you graciously and with thanksgiving give these burdens to the appropriate owners. You have awakened with the desire to become conscious. No longer living in the waking Dream, No longer sleepwalking your way through the endless repeating cycles and patterns of existence.


You find the name of Archangel Gabriel on your lips. We intone 9x Gabriel

Bringer of Visions and Divine Messenger. Gabriel brings with them understanding and insight. The deluge of images then slows and reconciles itself into a pattern that is easily understood. In this place, you become the observer the Sacred Witness to your own existence.


And now cycles and patterns become clear, no longer attached, the illusion falls away. From this place of detachment, you know that you have the ability to influence the subtle energies here and effect change in the physical realm. You are in harmony with the creative forces.


This awareness draws your consciousness out of the collective. You open your eyes, now noticing that in place of the cool, silvery light of the Moon, you are bathed in the warm, golden rays of the Sun. Your Heart is full.


Enveloped in ecstatic awareness, you intone the Divine Name Shaddai El Chai- Almighty Living God 9x

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