Spirit Animal Journey

Medicine Woman-  Susan Boulet

For today’s’ meditation I will be using a Metronome. So feel free to watch the pendulum swing back and forth, back and forth, and when you find that your eyes grow tired and heavy simply close them, easily and effortlessly.

There is a lot of noise and distraction all around us but all you have to do is focus on the sound of my voice and tick, tick, tick of the metronome.

Let’s take three deep, slow, cleansing breaths and as we do you will feel each and every muscle in your body relax, wholly and completely, ever more relaxed. Easily and effortlessly. One…, Two…, Three…. With each breath even more completely relaxed…

Our Spirit Animal, Power Animal, Familiar, Totem. Is the thought, symbol, the consciousness of an animal. They hold wisdom and learning for you. You may find that some follow you through the journey of your life, while others are with you only for a season.

Release, let go, of any expectations what your spirit animal will be. Allow yourself to be open to the wisdom that your animal will bring to you.

In this moment you become aware of your body and as each of your energy centers spark to life. You are an ebullient light-filled being. At the very base of your spine, Glorious Ruby Red,… your navel, vibrant Orange…. Solar plexus, Sunshine Yellow,… Heart, Verdant Emerald Green,… throat Clear crystal blue of a Bahamian sea, your brow a Deep, Rich, Indigo,… and finally your crown opens into a thousand-petaled violet Lotus of awareness…

You easily notice that your hands stretch themselves skyward like the branches of a tree. You can almost touch the stars that go on and on and on…

As your legs and toes begin to stretch down, down, down deep into the Earth. Grounding you in this moment, this time, this existence, this life here on the planet.  As your roots grow, you may sense a pulsing all around you and within you. It may be a drum beat or a heartbeat. Its presence is a sign to you. You are filled with a knowing that you share a deep and abiding connection with the physical world. As you witness yourself, you notice that you are the living embodiment of the Tree of LIfe.

All our relations are here with us, to aid us on our journey. You open your eyes to find yourself in a picturesque natural setting. I often find myself sitting on a night beach, full moon bright on the horizon, her shimmering reflection dancing on the waves, as  I wiggle my toes in the warm sand, listening to the roar all around, soothing me with its timeless drone. Maybe the deep darkness of an Ancient Forest, or the warm and dry beauty of a desert landscape.

Look around your landscape and what do you see? Let yourself be gently drawn to the meeting place. You await your Spirit Animal’s arrival. They approach you? Ask them if there is any Wisdom they would like to impart to you. This Wisdom may be a thought, a feeling, a knowing. Remember and bring this knowledge with you into your waking life. You know that at any time if you need to find your way back to this safe and nurturing place it is waiting for you. And your Spirit Animal is here an ever-present source of strength.

You now easily and effortlessly become aware of your body here in this room. Slowly coming back to full and refreshed awareness with each breath, Three,… Two,… One,… fully awake now.


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