Through a Mirror Darkly

Super, Full, Blood, Wolf, Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2019

Everyone is scuttling around either getting ready for the eclipse on Sunday or they asking what all the buzz is about and why they should care. In this matter, I admit that I have waited a little long to do my homework. I actually pulled the chart for the eclipse this afternoon and everything began to gel.

The first thing that struck me was the moon almost all alone above the horizon, shining like the sun itself in the sign of Leo no less. And below the horizon, most of the other planets lay huddled together, I imagine with furtive glances, wondering what is going to come next.

If you would like to run the chart for yourself here is the timing for the Maximum Eclipse.

January 20th, 2019


Nashville TN

A Full moon is always an opportunity for the conscious and unconscious to hold counsel, to see and hear one another. This is typically termed an opposition but that carries antagonistic connotations. I suppose it could be tense if one is reluctant to see what the light is shining on.

As it coincides with an eclipse, it is as though we are being given front row seats in a show that is only partially about us. The moon is not just our unconscious, our emotions, but it also holds ancestral memory and inheritance. Its home is the 4th house ruled by Cancer and all possible meanings of home, hearth, foundation and resting place, our roots, where we come from.

Since the moon is full and sitting up there in the 10th house. I look for the planets in Capricorn to see what is being illuminated.

Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto.

Saturn rules the 10th house. This is an opportunity to excavate, examine and redefine our social contracts, as a people and as individuals. What are all the rules that we live by? Do we want to continue living that way? Are these our guiding principles or have we merely accepted these obligations without making a conscious decision to do so.

If we are to reframe standing institutions the transformational presence of Pluto and Mercury are key. We must transform our thoughts, conceptions, and communication to reflect our vision for a new reality.  Our words have power.

This eclipse will snap all the fuzzy inklings we have been having into crystal clear focus. Then it will be up to us. There may be jobs, relationships even family structures and connections that have to be redefined or released completely.

We must be willing to sit in silence, in the dark with the unmitigated truth and look at it with unflinching eyes. My advice for these transitions is to make clear and definitive plans to implement these changes. This is not an off the cuff, impulsive act. We must be deliberate and intentional. There needs to be a space for regrouping and integration of the information received before changes are decided on.

So what is to be our guide to create this new reality. Mars is in the sixth house of relationships. We are motivated by connection and interconnection. It may be a revelation to some that such coexistence is possible or is necessary. Aries always makes me think of Spring, fresh starts and clean slates. But what are we to write on those slates?

What do we value? Our values must reflect our spiritual principles and philosophies of compassion, loving-kindness, altruism, and justice. A deep and abiding understanding of how our actions as individuals and communities affect all of our relations. When we do this it is possible to step into our true and best self. We take responsibility for ourselves and in doing so find our reason for being.

So what happens if we are too rigid to make these much-needed changes? To some extent that remains to be seen but we can extrapolate. There is not a one to one comparison but The Tower card comes to mind. It often times represents a dissonance or disconnect of our core values and our communication. It challenges us to take off the mask, shed the skin and live an authentic life.

There may have been a time when we could just float along in a living dream of an unexamined life. Those times are over. Our feet are held to the fire. We will walk the walk or experience all the consequences of our actions. Not that fear is the motivation. It is not a threat. Simply, the law of cause and effect. Maybe it is because we are no longer bands of village dwellers. Our lifestyles, technology, and choices now have global ramifications. We find ourselves in a time where the buffers wear thin.

Be Not Afraid, It is all just information. These changes can distill us to our purest essence. They call us to be the best possible versions of ourselves. It is what you do with the information you receive that matters most. Just know that everyone will be gazing into a mirror darkly with you tomorrow night.




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